Encrucijada: Esfera de la Vida

Fredman Barahona
Encrucijada: Esfera de la Vida, 2016
Performance, object, video

The X Biennial of Nicaragua was dedicated to artist June Beer, a feminist black Afro-Nicaraguan women.

Nicaraguan government is yet to recognize a multi ethnic/cultural territory or to advocate for a real secular democratic state. Their pact with Catholic Church has made our country one where abortion is still illegal and criminalized and where we also face a femicide crisis.

I ask how can we celebrate, honor and dedicate the national art biennial to an artist that represents feminism, diversity and freedom in our current Nicaraguan political state? When is the time for contemporary art practice to become a weapon for critical thinking that challenges reality?

For the performance I chained myself with a shackle to a golden sphere (camp and kitch aesthetics used by current government Ortega-Murillo) that I drag from my home residence until the “Plaza de la Fé” to locate it in front of the obelisk in honor of Juan Pablo II.