¡Se la bailo!

Elyla Sinvergüenza (2014)

«La gigantona» is a Nicaraguan cultural practice that represents a struggle between Spanish and Natives. This practice adhered to cultural change and contemporary syncretism features now a particular element incorporated about 20 years ago in Managua: A «transvestite», usually a man (not only homosexuals) who joins La Gigantona to present a parody of gender and to generate nightly entertainment in the neighborhoods of Managua. It is postulated as a daily practice of transvestism and as an economic survival strategy that bothers the national folkclorism. That’s when I decide to use my body to integrate La Gigantona and go out at night to dance with her as an experiential and rupture act that reflects my own struggles as a gender terrorist clown.

Photo: Alfredo Zuniga
Video: Alvaro Cantillano, Luigi Bridges