Solo fantasía…

Elyla Sinvergüenza (2014)
Performance, video, object

What do the victims matter if the gesture is beautiful?

Laurent Tailhade

IX Nicaraguan Biennial, curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Managua, Nicaragua.

“Sólo fantasia…” (2014) was the inaugural piece of the Ninth Biennial of Nicaragua that was held despite the sudden expulsion of the artist and exclusion of the work, by direct mandate of the Nicaraguan Government Ortega-Murillo four hours before its official programming . Barahona with “Sólo fantasia…” takes the cultural permit from the Nicaraguan ritual “Baile de Negras” to create a fantasy dress consisting on a visual tour of the aesthetics used by governments in power in the history of the country. The performance consisted in a walk in the historical Bolívar Avenue to the Plaza de la Revolución, in front of the Acoustic Shell where the acts of the governments in mandate are carried out.

Camera: Guillermo Sáenz – Silvio Balladares
Editing and Sound: Luigi Bridges
Studio Photos: Eva Bendaña
Live Performance Photos: Oscar Duarte
Make up Artist: Alejandro Ayon