Wet Letters

Fredman Barahonain collaboration with Guillermo Sáenz
Wet Letters, 2016
Correspondence, performance, activism

Wet letters in an interactive correspondence performance art & activist project developed in the 3rd Crystal Ruth Bell Residency, Beijing, China. The idea behind Wet Letters is to create dialogue between the people of Nicaragua and China in order to facilitate cross continental empathy. The project acknowledges that for empathy to take place, direct contact and communication are necessary and urgent for both countries, as it would facilitate to push forward the cultural and legal agenda from land right protest movements in small communities getting ready to face the impact of the $50 billion China-Nicaragua Grand Canal Project.

For this project we visited communities that will be expropriated by the Grand Canal Project, conducted interviews recorded in audio and then work as mail men delivering transcript audios in form of letters in Beijing streets, the letters included a QR redirecting to the webpage where people can listen to audios and answer families affected by this reality. Wet Letters is an ongoing project still developing with local Beijing activist that stablished a commitment with us and this project during our residency.

Project web page: http://cartasmojadas.wixsite.com/wetletters